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Promotional tours

We organize promotional tours on a local, regional, national and international level giving high visibility to your brand and products. Communication, conception and design, bureaucratic support, choice of the most characteristic locations, operational feasibility, hospitality, logistics, settings, promotional gifts and qualified staff: we put at your disposal experienced tour leaders, artists and dynamic entertainers, hostesses and stewards. We’ll reach wherever you wish to be! Contact us


We develop entertainment projects for shopping centres. Thanks to our thorough knowledge of the areas involved we deal with local authorities to establish important collaborations. We work with the utmost transparency and efficiency in taking care of entertainment, games, contests, fun activities for adults and children from planning to logistics and setting up, with promotional gifts and a wide selection of artists and celebrities. Contact us


We have been dealing with setting up events, exhibitions, trade shows, conventions, promotional tours, in-store and out-store activities for over 15 years, working with famous brands and public institutions. Tensile structures, inflatables, promotional or trading stands, exhibitions, meeting rooms or sports areas: setting up spaces is a vast and complex business, and you need an experienced and efficient staff as well as a team who follows you from planning to setting up spaces. 10Eventi srl provides specialized experts who will find the most fitting, functional and creative solution. Contact us


We choose, train and coordinate hostesses, stewards, models, promotional models, promoters, entertainers, tour leaders, touristic and airport assistants. Human resources are the foundation of our success. Contact us


With our qualified staff, from hostesses to entertainers, we draw the attention to your product inside and outside the store, organizing the best performance to promote purchases. Contact us


Opening ceremonies, product presentations, important happenings, celebrations, special events: on these occasions everything has to be just perfect. Our task is to plan an event that suits you, fits your ideas, makes your dreams come true and meets your needs. We commit ourselves to guarantee a professional, efficient, sophisticated and high-quality service. Our goal is to go beyond your expectations. Contact us


By implementing the most modern digital tools your project manages to reach the target it was designed for, and guides the user through the best experience possible.
In order to make our service complete, we integrate your event communication with the web and the most advanced information channels. Contact us


The direct experience of the members of our company allows us to support brands and agencies in organizing their events, providing individual services. Since 2001 we are a benchmark for delivering audio and video services, renting lighting systems, stages and inflatables, dealing with copyright agencies and authorizations for the occupation of public space, creating promotional gifts, providing logistic services for tours and events, runners, vigilance and security services, photo shoots and video making. Contact us

Rental services for your events

Lighting systems, tables, chairs, bars, furniture, induction plates, mobile kitchens, inflatables, sound and lights systems, DJ console tables, gazebos, tensile structures, stages, floral arrangements for events, accreditation desks, advertising structures, barriers, exhibition panels, tablets for events, reception desks, play areas for children, electric inflators for balloons, cotton candy and popcorn machines, uniforms for stewards and hostesses, machines for wrapping gifts in balloons, smoke machines, soap bubbles machines, pop ups, roll ups, multimedia kiosks, LED screens, customized bikes, softball bunkers, soccer fields 2 vs 2, bouncy tracks, mobile kiosks, water balls, touristic electric trains, mini quads. Contact us